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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Cantore on Katrina

I was watching Jim Cantore this morning on the Weather Channel. He was highly agitated. Apparently another film crew had stopped by to say they were thinking about riding it out.

"Are you insane?" he told them. He pointed to the grey horizon. "That's Doomsday staring you in the face!"

Pep and I were so impressed with his dedication to getting people out of harm's way, we imagined this broadcast for him:

"This is Jim Cantore and I have just gotten the latest update, and folks, I have to tell you, I have peed myself! The pressure is now 902 millibars, and if the cameraman can just pan down - zoom in here on the front of my pants - this is NOT sea spray folks. It's urine. My urine. And that's not the only thing that has let loose in the last few minutes here. This storm, Katrina, has now officially, literally, scared the piss out of me."


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