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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Man With a Plan

Wired magazine features an article about a visionary named John Piña Craven. Craven claims that by using near-freezing water from the floor of the sea, he can provide almost cost-free refrigeration, air conditioning, fresh water, power generation, and agricultural irrigation for the Marianas Islands.

Is this man Timothy Leary or Buckminster Fuller? I'm leaning toward Fuller. The breadth of his insight is stunning. Simultaneously, it makes him sound a wee bit kookoo. Case in point:

"I've decided to run a marathon to demonstrate my newest innovation," he says. "You see, I apply cold temperatures to different parts of my body in three bastings. The third is the most complicated - I ice the terminuses of my lymphatic system. My body heals itself. Look at these hands," he says, opening and closing his fists. "I have no joint pain of any kind!"

M'kay! BTW, would those lymphatic termini be anywhere near the head?

He has a book out, which got some favorable reviews. Seems he be a submarine-class Cold Warrior with easy access to the Pentagon's War Room. Über-Kapitän des Unterseeboots! Veeeeeeeeeery interestink.


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