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Friday, September 23, 2005

Art Bomb

Chris Hackett is a Brooklyn "artist" who specializes in explosives. Some of his work is currently being shown in Manhattan (Fox doesn't name the gallery). The highlight of the show is a suitcase bomb.
[Hackett] said the strength of the bomb would be equivalent to “about four pounds of TNT. It doesn’t sound like much," he allowed, "but it’s enough to kill everyone in the gallery."

Mr. Hackett’s bomb is designed to be triggered from "anywhere else in the world—you call a cell phone." He said that he had already purchased the cell-phone trigger. Only he knows the number—but, of course, he has no plans to explode it. From Gawker

Yay! Chris is The MAN! He can kill everyone in the gallery! Only HE has the code!

What the hell kind of no-life-at-all sheltered urban dimwits think this is art? I'd like to invite everyone who thinks this is "a brilliant commentary on public places and fear" to take their effete, nuanced, "sophisticated" hide to Iraq to enjoy this kind of "art" on a grand scale. We need art critics in Iraq!!!

Anyway, ass-hattery is it's own reward. This is Chris from a couple of years ago:

And here he is after he blew part of his face off in January '04 with one of his art works:

Aw! Chris! I know that deranged pirate look is all bluster. You can carry my football anyday!


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