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Friday, September 02, 2005

Has FEMA Ever Been to a Hurricane Before?

Michael Brown, head of FEMA was shocked - shocked I tell you - to learn that thousands of people were gathered at the Convention Center without assistance, even though they were told to go there by the city. Is the man stupid or lying? Either way, when CNN interviewed him last night, he got a brand new one ripped by the suprisingly ferocious Paula Zahn.

Now he's admitting that FEMA never, ever, ever imagined that looters could turn violent after a national disaster. Is it possible that drug addicts without drugs could be . . . violent?


He admits that communication problems caused many snafus and delays. Where have we heard this before? Wasn't it about four years ago, on . . . um, give me a minute. O yeah! September 11! And weren't we told that HOMELAND SECURITY™ was supposed to solve communication problems in the event of a disaster? I thought that was their main job. So, what have they been up?

You probably think this heading toward a full-blown political screed, and it well could, except that I hate reading political screeds and I bet you do too. All I have to say is Homeland Security has obviously done nothing they promised to do in the domain of enhancing and creating flow in communication at all levels, in all agencies, in the last four years. Nothing at all. And somebody (higher up than Mike Brown, but lets also include him) should hang for that.

More on the incompetent Mike Brown.


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