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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Impeach Blanco

Now that we got Brownie out of the way, the next one who needs to become an alligator appetizer is Kathleen Blanco. Since I don't live in Louisiana, you may not think I have a dog in this fight. But, oh, you would be wrong.

See, if she had done her job, and done it faithfully, this whole frightful debacle wouldn't have been so expensive. And who, dear monkey-tufts, is going to pay for her negligence?

Me and you.

Every looted store can be directly traced to her hesitation to Federalize her National Guard, her reluctance to accept Federal help in a timely manner, and to the food and water blockade she imposed. Every single one. If parents treated children the way Blanco treated the people in southeast Louisiana, Social Services would file charges and put the children in foster care. Blanco should be treated in a similar fashion.

If you aren't familiar with her crimes of commision and ommision, hop right on over to Impeach Blanco to get up to speed.

Scenes I'd like to see: The people who waited for days in the heat of the Superdome and the Convention Center launch a class-action suit against the Office of the Governor of Louisiana. What if they won and it broke the state? Would Louisiana get divided between other states? Or would it be more like a bankruptcy where they just continue operations under a new name? I guess "Blanco's Folly" would be right out of consideration . . .


At 12:21 AM, Blogger GG said...

I concure. This is one dear monkey tuft who is happy that her Congresswoman voted against the $51.8 billion fund that would be used for relief and rebuilding of New Orleans. Why should we foot the complete bill??? Not that I am saying that they didn't deserve help, but when it's Blanco's fault, and we don't have a "clear picture" as to what the money is going to be used for yet, I am proud that Virginia Foxx stood up for the American people.
I will be glad to hunt down the meanest 'gator so we can give it a pretty decent meal.


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