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Monday, September 26, 2005

Orcas Learn to Catch Seagulls

Life of Brian posted a piece on Orcas who've learned to bait a trap for seagulls.

It is refreshing to know that science is finally beginning to acknowledge things animal lovers have always known. Thoughts on the humaness of animals used to be written off as anthropomorphication. But now, researchers are catching up.

It is now acknowledged by science that dogs, for example, can learn about 200 words. My beagle knows the words "Burt's Bees." He drops his head when he hears it because he does not want his breath freshened with minty goodness.

Since animals know words, why wouldn't they try to use them? I had a cat who liked to spend the whole day in the winter laying on my bed. Once, when I picked her up to put her out in the cold, she said, "Nooooooooo!!!" as clear and loud as chuch bells. I was pretty proud of her, but she still went outside.

When Pep and I get home from work, we get out of the car and say, "Hello Puppies!" to the dogs. They know this is a greeting and they hear it every day. So I wasn't too surprised one day when I got out of the car and my Australian shepard bowed down in a stretch and burped out, "Eeeeeeeehwoah!" It was so endearing, but I never heard him do it again.

So, animals can say the words they know, if their voices will let them. Science will figure this out at some point and scratch another "Thing That Sets Humans Apart" off the list.


At 7:19 AM, Blogger GG said...

First off, so you have a beagle? well then you are an alright person!
Second: everyone knows that Dogs are little people in fur coats, so why wouldn't they be just as intelligent as their human counterparts?
and a funny story about Hunter (Our Beagle). This minister (whose nearly 80) came by a few weeks ago, and has always known Hunter, well he looks over at him and said, "GG, He's gettin' mighty old, don't ya think?" Hunter looked up at this man, his eyes so big, like he was about to cry, and his head sunk all the way down to the ground...I pretty much figure Hunter was thinking "that old geezer called me old...what is up with that?"


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