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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why the Corp Didn't Drop Anything Yesterday

In all the palaver I heard on TV yesterday, I never heard anyone say why the Corp had not placed anything in the levee breach by air. I assumed that nothing had been placed because there was no footage of it. And I was right, as it turns out.

Engineers decided that what is left of the levee along the canal might not hold if they filled the gap. I'm so glad I found this story, since the geeky little engineer-wanna-be in me was all a'thrum with curiosity.

This morning on Fox, male and female co-anchors discussed between themselves some of yesterday's events. The guy, who I think was named Brian said, "It was really great yesterday that some of that water started flowing back out of the city. It's great to know that the water backed up."

He repeated this about three more times before the female lost patience with him and corrected - but very gently, "Brian, It's not that the water backed up. It actually reached equilibrium and stopped flowing."

Brian looked at her as if she'd said, "Brian, bark barkbark, barkbark bark!"

A few minutes later Brian ventured this observation, "It's really dangerous to bring those boats into the city because they can hit things under water like telephone poles and street lights."

I could almost hear his co-anchor thinking, "Brian! The water ISN'T 60 feet deep, anywhere! Get a grip," but she let this one pass.

Maybe Brian should be confined to sports.


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