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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

25 Most Shocking Scenes

Premiere Magazine lists the top twenty-five most shocking scenes in film history.

I've only seen 17 of the 25, but of those 17, the ones that shocked me the most were:

Pink Flamingos - An unbearably boring movie with one gratutitous shock scene. I literally would have enjoyed watching a five dollar bill burn, more than I enjoyed viewing this film.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - This film builds dread in ways that seem new to me, even now. Before I clicked to read the "moment" chosen by Premiere, I knew which one it would be. It's the "meathook" scene. It happens so fast and it is so far beyond what you expect, that it leaves you with a genuine feeling of "I can't believe that just happened!" It is shocking in every sense of the word.

Un Chien Andalou - Buñuel called his film "a passionate appeal to murder," but these days it just looks like unedited film student excess. I knew about the "eyeball" scene before I saw it the first time. It's unsettleing, certainly. But since there isn't any plot it lacks the heft of story.

Alien - The stomach scene! I LOVE this movie!!! It's creepy, dreadful and I hang on every single, second of it. The sequels could never re-create the original, because how could you EVER outdo the stomach scene?


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