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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

She Has To Marry Him Now!

Update! Seems TomKat's pseudo-religion will require Katie to give birth drug-free and in complete silence.

Fair enough - as long as the Cruisinator has to pass a bowling ball through his rectum, drug-free in fine Scientological silence. Hell, I'm sure he knows more about giving birth than any woman who ever lived. Let him gestate the Spawn-let and give birth!

That L. Ron, man, he knew everything!

Check out Chase's thoughts on Katie's future.


Yeah - yeah! I know that people ususally treat celebrities as special god-like creatures who operate outside of society's mores. But Katie Holmes is different. She's much more Girl-Next-Door than Thigh-Parting-Strumpet, so now that she's knocked up with Tom "Seduce and Destroy" Cruise's progeny, she'll have to marry the freak.

Poor Katie!


At 2:05 AM, Blogger GG said...

When one says "girl-next-door" I think of the chick next door who is currently knocked yeah, I guess one could say that Katie is the "girl-next-door".


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