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Friday, October 21, 2005

Speaking of Hypnosis . . .

It's interesting for me to go back and listen to music I was obsessed with when I was younger. One of the side effects of hypnosis, for me, was my hearing got better. I noticed it a week or two after the five-day intensive where I learned to be a hypnotist. Suddenly I was picking up under-tones and textural complexities I had never heard in my favorite tunes. Over time the effect got stronger. So when I sit down to listen to something I was very familiar with in years past it's almost like hearing it for the first time. I have even seriously questioned if it was the same version of the song that I used to listen to - but I know it was the exact same version!

This happened when I heard some Talking Heads cuts in the past few years. There was all kinds of stuff going on in the bass line I had never heard. There were rhythms in there that had never made it past my ear drums. And this re-discovery has happened over and over again with familiar music. Just today I noticed newness in Led Zep's Kashmir.

The really strange part of this is that I was never hypnotised to hear better. It was just a side effect of some other healing work I did. What a great lagniappe!


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