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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

That's Mighty White . . .

Pete at A Perfectly Cromulent Blog has a very funny post on Lamb and Lynx, the musical Olsen twins of White Supremacy. Apparently someone has taught the girls that it's possible to fail to "keep on being white." I'm really curious to know what you'd have to do so that you woudn't "keep on being white." Maybe they have a song about it.

Or former Oklahoma baseball coach Larry Cochell might know. According to him, "There are honkies and white people, and there are n-----s and black people." Sounds like he's been spinning the peanut in his head over this for awhile. Perhaps Fisher Deberry can clear this up for me. He's the most recent expert to volunteer his insights to the media. He's a self-proclaimed savant when it comes to "Afro-American kids" and running.

Pep and I have a theory that sometimes these old coots hit the 6-0 birthday and a built-in Song of the South Switch in their head flips. Suddenly they're ready to share race-based theories that somehow seem nuanced and thoughtful to them and them alone. And I bet they're convinced Black People Love them too.

I thought that with the decline of the WWII generation the "Uncle Remus" outlook would be off with them, but Lamb and Lynx are evidence it isn't going to it's grave any time soon. And that's not all - Brian discusses the regretable Nazi-chic of Asian youth.


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