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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Great Day

October through New Year's Day is always my favorite time of the year. Here in central VA, the weekend after Thanksgiving is especially great because my favorite potter, Kevin Crowe, has his annual open house.

In this photo he's working in his studio where we visited him today.

Kevin had a show at the Smithsonian a couple of years back. He makes incredibly beautiful ceramics, like this bowl.
Kevin Crowe's work

Pep and I had a great time chatting with Kevin, listening to him explain how his Japanese-style wood-fired kiln works and drinking cider mulled on Kevin's woodstove. A sculptor named Phillip Kerl was also showing his clever Buddhas composed of scrap metal and rusted tools.

Kevin's work is awesome. It glows in these deep burnt terra cottas, greys and fawns that are soley the work of wood ash, heat and clay. I have several of his pieces at home . . . and today we brought home a new one.


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