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Friday, November 18, 2005

Heidi Fleiss Starts a Stud Ranch

The Hollywood Madam is planing to open a brothel which will cater to women in Nevada.

Money quote:
. . . you've got the situation with the old husband leaving his wife for the younger girl, and the lady sitting at home crying. Well, now she has a place to go and say, 'Right back at you, buddy, and on your credit card'.

Article about it at Salon. (You will need a Day Pass unless you have a subscription.)

Time Asia article about Japanese Rent Boys, who have become so popular some women have resorted to embezzlement to support their Host Club habits.

I'm surprised that the Brits don't already have a comedy based on the wacky antics at a Stud Farm. They could set it in the 80's and call it "Boffing the PM," or if they wanted to do a contemporary show they could call it, "Who Shagged Mum?"

Anyway, Steve-O just introduced a kink in Heidi's investment structure. You can't do Due Diligence on a Stud Farm without taking into account that there's an iPod accessory that vibrates in time to the music it's playing. iBuzz may cut into Heidi's customer base.


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