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Friday, November 04, 2005

Speaking of Roger Daltrey . . .

. . . let's turn to my ge-ge-genera . . . oh, forget it! Let's turn to my cohort, for a moment of reflection. I was born in 1960, the year of the rat if you're Chinese, and to be honest, I don't hear my 1960 birth-peeps making much of a splash, fame-wise. I sifted and winnowed the web for names we'd all recognize, and after an exhaustive few minutes of searching I came up with only 24 names:

Julianne Moore
Rae Dawn Chong
Jennifer Grey
Neil Gaiman
Sarah Brightman
Antonio Banderas
David Duchovny
Colin Firth
Hugh Grant
Branford Marsalis
Daryl Hannah
Nastassja Kinski
Cal Ripken, Jr.
Ari Fleischer
Meg Tilly
Sean Penn
James Spader
Damon Wayans
John Schneider
Michael Stipe
Jean Claude Van Damme
Brad Garrett

This leads me to believe that we are the largest group of late-bloomers ever sprouted. If you know of pips that came along in 1960 who are recognizably famous, send 'em along in the comments. I'm having a Cohort Esteem Crisis here!


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