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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Your Vampire Personality

This on-line personality test wins the cup for the worst spelling and punctuation ever! I've actually cleaned up my results because I just couldn't take it. And for a dyslexic, that's saying a lot . . .

You scored as Spike.

You are the straight up "You knew what I was" type. "What did you expect?" There may be some surprise personality quirks you have. You try to control your emotions, and sometimes fight so hard to deny them, but when you do give into them you go all the way for what you want.

Spike 92%

Akasha 83%

Armand 67%

Blade 67%

Dracula 67%

Deacon Frost 50%

Lestat 50%

Marius 50%

Louis 17%

Angel 0%

Take the test and win a chance to correct your Vampire's dead spelling!


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