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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Book Review

May the Angels Be With You: A Psychic Helps You Find Your Spirit Guides and Your True Purpose by Gary Quinn

Right up front I’ll tell you I’m a big believer in angels and angelic assistance. So I got this book to see how Gary’s experiences matched or diverged from my own. He presents a very helpful angelic hierarchy one moves through to accomplish any goal.

Have to say, I wasn’t always an angel believer. My family of origin certainly isn’t. But I reached a point of profound unhappiness many years ago when I slowly begin to realize that life was sending me signals. As I began to pay attention I started to notice that there was something there that wanted to help me.

It was hard to abandon my rational world that said angels were Bible school fiction. And it took years of trial and error to figure out on my own how to effectively ask for their help. (There weren't many angel books around back then!) But life has been easier and richer and more fun since I figured out that help is available in this form: “Angel, please teach me how to (fill in the blank.)”

Gary Quinn (and I) advise people to request “Please teach me how to …” because angels can’t do work for people. Instead, they provide insights you need to move forward on a goal. It’s important to know this distinction, because, for example “Angels, I want to win the lottery” won't accomplish anything. But, “Angels, please teach me how to make more money doing something I love to do with all my heart!” will bring results such as a strange feeling you must read a particular book or talk to a particular person and that book or person brings you a chunk of information you need to move ahead. It’s all very much based on listening to your gut and following up on small impulses.

Angels aren’t going to break the Ten Commandments over your head to get you to listen to them. Know why? Because we have free will. So, the choice to work with them and be happy, or ignore them and be grim, is ours.

I enjoyed this short book. Gary provides an effective introduction to help ease “unbelievers” into accepting angelic assistance. There is a lot of exceptional and clearly stated material here from which I'll fashion interesting and thunderously effective hypnosis sessions for people who are open to angelic assistance. Yay Angels! Yay Gary!


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