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Saturday, December 24, 2005

How to Decorate a Tree

Everyone has Rules of Tree Decoration that have been handed down since at least the early 1950's. In the house I grew up in, one of the major rules was never hang an ornament from a Christmas light wire. I'm not sure why this was such a no-no, but even now, I hang ornaments only from the tree itself.

The second rule controls Christmas tree light hue. In our house, tree lights are always multi-colored, because Pep says white lights are evil, and wrong and lame. Also, lights must never blink.

Third, the tree will always have silver icicles on it. Pep has decreed it, and ever thus it shall be.

Forth, reindeer must always sit under the tree, sometimes joined by a boy and girl bear couple who have red sweaters that say "1988" on them. That was the year Pep and I got married.

Fifth, I always put an angel on the top. I've tried using a star one year and a small bear another, but they just didn't feel right to me. The tree isn't properly done until an angel is sitting on top. And that's it! Only five simple rules.

Frankincense wishes and Myrrh returns to you, my gentle reader. Blessings on you and your family and joy to your world! Merry Christmas!!!


P.S. Tomorrow - brand new book reviews!


At 9:53 PM, Blogger GG said...

I have the same rule on the lights...however, due to my own stupidity of saying that I liked how a tree was decorated in the local Kmart(yes we still have one) my mother decided that we would have a "Martha Stewart" designer tree, complete with hokey white lights that don't blink.
So I am sure we have evil spirits running around here somewhere...


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