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Friday, December 30, 2005

Walk the Line (2005)

I went to see that Johnny Cash movie starring the dreamy Joaquin Phoenix, and the always amazing Reese Witherspoon yesterday. My pal and I wanted to see several other movies, but our choice came down to Walk the Line for a variety of reasons. Let's see, Syriana didn't have a matinee and we're cheap, Munich, Brokeback Mountain, and Memoirs of a Geisha aren't here yet, and King Kong is too long.

So, we ended up watching J.R. and June Carter and it was fayun-taz-tic! My friend told me that Joaquin and Reese sang and played their instruments for the film. Brothers and Sisters - they are amazing. Joaquin's voice is not as rich as Cash's, of course, but he does a stunningly good job. Reese is perfect - PERFECT - as June Carter. My dad grew up in the Redneck Riviera of Florida (south of Tallahassee, but not on the coast) and I easily pictured him living, as a boy, in the same circumstances depicted as J.R.'s family's. Waylon Payne plays Jerry Lee Lewis and let me predict now that that boy is headed for bigger things. His persona just burned up the screen.

Walk the Line
is great, great, great, but don't go if you don't like Southern accents and country music. Hear now, if you don't like Southern accents . . . whut you doin' at TBF?


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