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Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 Resolutions and Grades From Last Year

And so 2005 goes into the Archives. I made a resolution or two this time last year. Let's see how I followed up:

Last year I said I would swear off cigarettes and sugar.
Grade: A
- I stopped smoking completely, forever on October 22, 2005. I never did smoke much. It was just a two-one-day-none-the-next sort of thing, but I wanted it out of my system . . . and now it is gone! From time to time I still eat sugar, but it's mostly under control thanks to a book I read called Micromiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes, which, come to think of it - I forgot to review. Anyway, enzymes are the bomb. The belly bomb bomb. Zoom-Zip! ok- before I get too far away with Soul Coughing here, if you have any digestive trouble at all, you should read this book. And then, won't you feel a whole lot better?

Last year I said I would learn Spanish for real.
Grade: D+
- I learned a little bit more Spanish, but not much. This year I'll start on Japanese. But I have to share with you this language learning tip I only recently got from my pal DragonFly Jenny. She gets on Google and searches for "podcasts japan" to find television and radio broadcasts to download for the improvement of her language skills. Thanks Jenny! What a great tip. So, in 2006 I expect to wear my ears out listening to Spanish and Japanese broadcasts until I become perfectly fluent in Spajanese.

Last year I said I would train for and run an 8k race.
Grade: F - Good God! Was I drunk or insane? I hate running! My only explanation is that some Liz-bot got in here and typed up that resolution for me, because surely I know better than to promise anyone that I'll run anywhere. I love horeseback riding, and working out, but I fekkin refuse to run. Honestly, I did try running for a few weeks last year and it was just like I remembered it. It reminded me of a quote I once heard from Cher who said she hated running because your boobs and ovaries bounce around in every direction. Too true! So, I came to my senses and got back into regular workouts doing The Firm, Matt Furey, Callanetics and on my Power Rider. And I'll never promise running ever again!

Last year I said I would finish the speeches book and send it out.
Grade: F - Instead I spent the whole year in writing classes. In my defense, I earned 3 hours of graduate credit in English so that I may legally teach English in a community college, if I desire, but . . . I got nothing done on the book. So, I 'm re-listing this Resolution because I know I'll get this done in 2006!

I very much like the Resolutions proposed by my pal and fellow Truly Bad Film addict, Steve-O. His promises, numbers 1 and 3, are wise indeed. Hark the herald - we all yearn to eat more guacamole and watch more Bad Films. Yea, verily! And now to . . .

Chai-rista's 2006 Resolutions

1. Finish the speeches book proposal and send to publishers. No, problem! I WILL get this done this year.

2. Send out short stories. I've gotten The Word from On High (well, at least from the front of the classroom) I'm past the point of dicking around with my writing. I was told the only reason I'm not published is because I haven't been disciplined enough. Ouch! So - play time is over. Onward and upward to publication.

3. Have more fun! The last two years have been a bit much in the Ernest and Grim departments. I resolve to shake my tailfeathers more often in 2006.

4. Make more money! I've got a million ideas - some are bound to pan out.

5. Dance like a three year old at Wiggles concert. ok, I mostly do that anyway - I'm always spazzing around tap dancing in the kitchen and doing the Michigan Ra-aag in front of my fireplace - but I just thought I'd write it down so I'll get at least one A next January.



At 12:04 AM, Anonymous keysunset said...

Perhaps you can eat more guacamole WHILE you watch bad films!!! With friends!!!! Add "don't wait to make memories" to your resolutions list. I think that's pretty much the only "resolution" I'll make this year and so far, I've done pretty well.

Oh, it's only New Year's Day?! Ah well.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous keysunset said...

Hey, you and Carmen Electra have something in common. Here's what I read her new year's wish was:

"I love dancing. If the opportunity is there then I'd definitely be into it."

Chai-rista & Carmen! What a combination!


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