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Monday, January 16, 2006

Baronial Like Button

Isn't she cute as a button? Over the weekend I visited "Aunt Button" at her home in the Salemtowne Moravian Retirement Community in Winston-Salem. Peeps, I'm ready to move in myself!

Of all the times in the past that I've visited Aunt Button in her home, it was always after dark and I never had time to see the whole Salemtowne campus. But this time Button took me on a tour of the pool, the fitness rooms, the libraries, the diningroom, the Saal, the gift shops, the clinic and the computer room. You literally never have to let a raindrop sully a strand of hair if you live in Salemtowne because you never have to venture outside.

I've worked in two retirement centers in my youth, and more recently dealt with two more, and I have never seen any as nice as Salemtowne. The snooty-snoots at Westminster Canterbury think they have it going on in Lynchburg, but I've got news for them. Aunt Button and the Moravians have administered the Smackdown in the Geriatric Fine Living Face-Off.

Hoo-wah Button! Now, if they'd only put in a Roller-Blade Park . . .


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