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Monday, January 23, 2006

Film Meme

1. Earliest Film Related Memory - Kurt Russell! One of my earliest movie memories is of seeing Kurt in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes when I was eight years old. Kurt is only nine years older than me, but he's been a movie star since he was a kid, so I feel like we've grown up "together." My top fav Kurt Russell films are Escape from New York, The Thing, Overboard, Big Trouble in Little China, Tombstone and Vanilla Sky. He was great in Miracle, Breakdown, and Silkwood, but those just aren't movies I watch over and over again.

2. A Favorite Line From a Movie - "Pete, it's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart."

3. Jobs You Would Do If You Could Work in the Biz - Um . . . it would have to be something research oriented. Like I could come up with a diagram of sea urchin innerds for the people designing the monster. I'm not interested in screen writing - too many ay-hols to deal with.

4. Three Directors I Like - Ridley Scott, Edgar Wright, Danny Boyle

5. Screenwriter I Love - Ethan Coen

6. A Movie I'd like to Re-Make or a Property I would Like to Adapt for Film - A.I. is the first film I'd like to re-make. It was so good up to a point, and then it just went completely off the rails. Let's get real, if the freakin' aliens could remake his mom for one day from a hair - or whatever it was - they could build him an A.I. replacement mommy who would stay with him forever. I hated the lame-o ending of this over-long tear duct stripping session. The Robot Gladiators and the Robot City are incredible, awesome, synapse-slapping stuff, but Mr. Spielberg, those scenes deserved a better ending and I could have made one.

The Matrix Reloaded is the second film I would like to re-make. What we needed and did not get in this film was a sense of Neo coming into himself and his power. We needed an intimate scene of Neo being in awe when he sees Zion for the first time. We needed him to be emotional. He's there in the fortress. He's at the heart of humanity's last stand. We needed him to be human when he was introduced to the last place on earth that was human. Neo was seeing for the first time what exactly he had been fighting for - but it was passed off like a boring tour of a waste treatment plant by the Wachowskis. And the next thing we know, instead of going into warrior mode to prepare for the hordes of robots that were coming, the citizens of Zion deal with this emergency by having a booty-shakin' rave. What?! These people need Pink to come save them, not Neo, 'cause apparently these robots fall dead at nasty dancin' attitude. That's the only way I can explain Zion's survival prior to Neo's arrival.

Some of this meme I got here and some I made up!


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

Kurt Russell is definitely an A-List actor in my book.

Remember when he had Tombstone come out and I think that Kevin Costner film with the same story line came out at the same time?

Kurt blew Kevin out of the water and Tombstone is still one of my all time favorite movies..

Can I just also say that Kurt is yummy?

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Chai-rista said...

I think he's a very talented, under-rated actor. And totally YUMMY!


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