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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Seth Rogen Hot! Hot! Hot!

I saw 40 Year Old Virgin last night and I have only two things to say:

Seth Rogen is scorchin' hot! Look at those sweet eyes! Take in his beautiful skin. And the photo doesn't even hint at the growly, adorable voice in his chest. *sigh*

. . . Oh, anway - AND I thought I was going to have to lie on the carpet to catch my breath when they got the "Aquarius" scene. I screamed with laughter. My brother-in-law was in the original Hair and I was hysterical.


At 11:11 PM, Anonymous keysunset said...

I have GOT to see this film. This guy is sooooo good looking. I love to see red-haired good looking guys every so often.

BTW, you know my latest band obsession, the lead guitarist is red-haired! (Altho, I have a THING for the lead singer ....)

At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I was crying when they were playing cards..ya know when it comes out that he's a virgin..

When he did that "oh me so horny" and trying to tell past sex stories...

"bag of sand"...

That scene killed me......

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Chai-rista said...

Hey Key - He's no where near this clean cut looking in the movie, but he's still HOT!

Sandy - That scene was almost painful for me to watch. He was lying so awesomely BADLY. Don't you just love looking around his house. I mean, the Creature of the Black Lagoon head in the livingroom! LOL!!!


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