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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Movie Review

Ramones: End of the Century (2003)

My friend Mack Paul introduced me to the Ramones when we were in college together at East Carolina University. Mack lived below me in the dorm. On balmy days the shouts of Blitzkrieg Bop floated up through my open window from his room and I smiled knowing that Mack was pogoing like a madman downstairs.

I’ve loved the Ramones ever since. So When I joined NetFlix a couple of weeks ago, Ramones: End of the Century was one of the first documentaries I put in my queue. It’s got a lot of great footage like Iggy Pop smearing his pectorals with peanut butter, the New York Dolls at CBGB, Television also playing CBGB, and an interview with Joe Strummer.

Before seeing End of the Century, I didn’t know much about the individual personalities of the Ramones. I’ve always had fondness for Joey, because he seemed like a rare giraffe that needed special care to live in this world. But I didn’t know anything about DeeDee, Johnny, or the other revolving members of the band. The film doesn’t shy away from depicting Johnny as a control freak, DeeDee as a bi-sexual heroin addict and it lets people close to the band discuss Joey’s OCD traits. DeeDee and some of the temporary members of the band talk about how much they resisted wearing the band’s uniform: the long Beatles bowl-haircut that Joey and Johnny never were seen without.

The film follows the band from Joey’s childhood to the band’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It made for a nice diversion on a snowy Sunday afternoon. My favorite quote from it was this timeless jewel: “We tried to be normal and failed.”


At 1:21 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Oh that sounds awesome. I myself never got into the Ramones until I got married. My husband is an old punker so he introduced me to all kinds of music. The Ramones grew on me more than some of the other stuff he "forced" me to listen to (The Germs? Ummm no stank you..)

But anyway..I might have to check this out...sounds really good. And BTW just the other night me & my daughter watched, "Rock 'N Roll High School" kid LOVED it...but I knew she would :)

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous keysunset said...

This does sound great. As you might guess, Mr. Key introduced me to the Ramones. We'll have to try to watch this. Thanks for the review.


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