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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What Sushi Are You?

Niji Urimaki
75% Adventurousness, 41% Complexity, 57% Heartiness
Niji Urimaki (Rainbow Roll) - An inside-out roll with a lot going for it... And in this case a lot of different lovely slices of fish, wrapped around sushi rice, cucumber and radish sprouts. No, it's not traditional, but it satisfies your craving for a new experience with every bite. Salmon, tuna, breem, mackerel, snapper, shrimp, and halibut all have a place in this smorgesbord of tastes. Some might call you "indecisive," but why settle for less than a little of everything?

Take the test.


At 1:56 AM, Anonymous keysunset said...

girl, it's a bit too bizarre how much we are like each other. At least in these quizzes! ha ha ha.

I too am Niji Urimaki

Indeed why settle for less than a little bit of everything!


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