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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More Ghosts in N.O.

When I was in New Orleans years ago my sister-in-law who lived there told me that if you ever called the cops, the first thing they'd ask you was "Is anybody bleeding?" If the answer was "no" you were told to come to the station to make a report.

In a similar vein, I have no idea if the accusations in the following link are true about the New Orleans police, but it makes a great story - and it explains a lot. It sounds true!

It would not shock me at all to learn that 200 New Orleans police existed on paper only, yet regularly pulled pay. Even when I was mistakenly predicting 72 Virgins for Eddie Compass, I wondered about those two officers who committed "suicide." It seemed awfully strange for that to happen once - but TWICE!?

And then he sent officers on a gambing junket to reward them for five days of work . . . when there was so much more work to be done? Riiiiiight.

Add to all this rumors that the police were doing their own spate of luxury looting in the mayhem and I feel certain of this: Mike Brown could not organize a rescue of New Orleans, but he will certainly be able to book a hanging party for K. Blanco and R. Nagin!

Listen to the Tony Snow link on the BlogCritics page I've linked above.
Very interesting.


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